If you are running a restaurant or an above average size of a family, then this would be an ideal
vacuum sealer bag to use. It has plenty of features not to mention the fact that it is meant for
heavy duty commercial use will provide your food with an extra layer of protection.

The most stand out feature of these
Vac-fresh vacuum sealer bags is the fact that their design
and mode of use is supported by a great deal of leading brand vacuum sealers which means
that you do not have to worry about having to tuck them behind a closet because they do not
apply to your particular make and model of the vacuum sealer.
They also feature a great 4 millimeter thick bag with cross venting that goes a long way in
ensuring that most of the air is extracted out. As a result you have better chances of preserving
your food for longer. This also helps to ensure that the machine is able to achieve even better
results which in the long run ensure more economical benefits for you.

The bags are also fully capable of protecting your food from not only getting spoilt but also from
freezer burn, prevent the food from developing an order and even better, they are also able to
preserve your silver jewelry from tarnishing and losing its luster. Their application is not only
limited to food.
They are listed as food safe materials which means preserving your food in them will not result
in any contamination that might pose a health risk leading to illness. This is because they are
made from materials that are non-BPA and those that are approved by the FDA.

It is also worth noting that these vacuum sealer bags will do well not only when it comes to
packaging your food but also when put in the dishwasher, microwave and even when boiled or
frozen. This makes the task of heating your food just as easy as preserving.
The directions on how to use these bags varies according to the vacuum sealer that you are
using. With some of the units, you have to re-roll a bit but with others this is not really
necessary. All you have to do is insert the roll into its chamber and the machine will do most of
the lifting for you. They are especially great with machine that have roller cutters.

They are quite economical compared to buying individual sealer bags.
Have a strong build that is able to withstand most of the elements including freezing and boiling.
New technology ensures improved results.

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Pro-2300 vacuum sealer
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