TAC-TAPES™ are constructed with high-quality adhesives and backing materials to deliver
superior performance. A choice of silicone or acrylic adhesives is available on most Taconic TAC-
TAPES™. Benefits include:

•Optimal release

•Low friction

•Electrical insulation

•Dimensional stability

•Excellent temperature resistance:
Acrylic adhesive: -40°F - +350°F (-40°C - +177°C)
Silicone adhesive: -100°F - +500°F (-73°C - +260°C)

TFE-Glass™ TAC-TAPE™ (6085, 6095)

Outstanding dimensional stability and tensile strength are the primary characteristics of PTFE
coated glass-fabric pressure sensitive tape. Other features include:

•Excellent strength

•High heat resistance

•Non-stick surface

•Exceptional wear life

Available in the following grades:

•Standard Grade (6085) – Preferred for most adhesive applications, smooth surface with
remarkable non-stick properties.

•Premium Grade (6095) – The smoothest surface for the most demanding applications

TFE-GLASS™ Roll Covering (6005)

Covering rolls, drying cylinders and textile dry cans with Taconic TFE-GLASS™ Roll Covering
can dramatically reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

•Easy installation

•Less maintenance than shrink tubing or spray coating

•Easily repaired

TFE-GLASS™ Zone Tape (6500, 6600)

Taconic's Zone Tape combines our TFE-GLASS™ with a special double-sided tape to create
custom adhesive zones. Adhesive is available either silicone or acrylic. Specify adhesive type
and zones at time of order.

Glass Cloth TAC-TAPE™ (6605, 6615)

With adhesive available on one or both sides, Taconic Glass Cloth TAC-TAPE™ is designed for
use in masking parts for plasma spraying and for inner and outer wraps for transformers and

•Superior cut-through and abrasion resistance

•Excellent flexibility

•High temperature stability

Thermal Spray Tape

Taconic has developed an extensive range of adhesive tapes for the Thermal Spray industry to
complement its popular PTFE coated products. These adhesive tapes have been specifically
designed to perform in applications ranging from Flame and Plasma Spray to HVOF and Grit

Skived PTFE TAC-TAPE™ (6115)

This tape has received wide acceptance in both military and industrial applications. Its high
elongation properties are useful where conformability is important.

•Coated with a high temperature silicone adhesive, PTFE tape excels as a wire wrap and
insulation tape for high dielectric and high temperature applications.

•For mechanical applications and all purpose use, PTFE tape offers superior low friction and non-
stick properties.

High Density PTFE TAC-TAPE™ (6445)

This tape is made with an oriented PTFE film and offers lower elongation and high wear

UHMW Polyolefin TAC-TAPE™ (6311)

Primarily used in low temperature mechanical applications (below 66C/150F), Taconic UHMW
Polyolefin TAC-TAPE™ is an ultra-wear pressure sensitive tape constructed from Ultra-High
Molecular Weight polyolefin and an acrylic adhesive.

•Out-wears PTFE five to one in low temperature applications

•Abrasion & puncture resistant

•Extremely low coefficient of friction

•Non-stick surface

•Superior tensile strength
FEP TAC-TAPE™ (6145)

Optical clarity, high elongation, and exceptional UV resistance are the key attributes of Taconic
FEP Tape.

•Conforms readily to difficult shapes

•Impervious to weathering

•Excellent dielectric properties

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