Custom widths for a wide range of applications available in 3
mil & 5 mil thickness-Parts # 6115-03 3 mil or 6115-05 5 mil thick

Our skived PTFE sheets provide unsurpassed precision and cleanliness
for a wide range of critical applications, including tank lining in the
chemical processing and semiconductor industries, where the
prevention of leakage and contamination is vital to material purity and

Skived PTFE sheets and films are available in a wide range of materials
and in 36 Yds rolls We offer custom widths to help you reduce scrap and
waste. Contact us for pricing and minimums.
Manufactured from pure virgin PTFE, they provide excellent electrical
properties along with extreme flexibility and comfortability. Additional
performance characteristics include fire, chemical and weathering
resistance, making them perfect for wire and cable insulation
Skived PTFE has no fiberglass substrate its like "Scotch Tape when
coming off the roll but has the heat and adhesion qualities of PTFE
with backing or no liner PTFE
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in stock or custom sizes
Prices are the same as "Stock"  But there is a minimum  order of $100 as we have to slit to size. Contact us by email for Pricing.
OR "Skived" No Fiberglass substrate  (Like Scotch Tape) but with all the adhesion and heat qualities of
'Regular' PTFE-  Special order 3 day lead time plus shipping.
To order without liner on the back
CONTACT US by email with your requirements for price quotations
Available in 3 mil and 5 mil thickness Part #'s  6115-03 and 6115-05