Available with high temperature silicone or acrylic adhesive backing. We stock PTFE tapes with or without a liner in 36
yard rolls or
TFE -Glass Fabric PTFE Coated Fiberglass Industrial Grade Tape
Industrial tapes incorporate the strength, durability, and unparalleled chemical resistance of high density PTFE and
UHMW-PE with compatible proprietary adhesive formulations.
RF Welding.These products feature the outstanding
characteristics needed to solve industries most demanding problems such as noise, abrasion, and friction.
PTFE Primary Grade Tape
Primary grade tapes are fiberglass fabric impregnated with a PTFE dispersion and coated with a high temperature,
pressure sensitive, silicone adhesive. It is frequently used by the packaging industry as a release surface on heat
sealers, blister formation and form-fill-seal equipment. The silicone adhesive is ideal for easy release and minimal
adhesive residue
PTFE Food and Medical Grade Tape
Virgin PTFE is FDA and USDA compliant, clean and will not support bacterial or microbes growth. Its anti-stick and
high temperature capabilities make it a premium choice of material in the food processing industry. It is often utilized in
conveyor systems, guide rails, as a table top and throughout the baking processes such as tortilla baking.
PTFE High Performance Tape
These PTFE tapes are engineered to provide excellent abrasion resistance while maintaining the existing properties of
the PTFE coating. Our high performance products show their true value by extending the life of our product, and
decreasing downtime. Customers using our PTFE High Performance products are seeing significant increases in
product life compared to competitive premium products.
SRC-Glass Fabric
Silicone Rubber coated fiberglass
TFE-Glass & SRC-Glass Belts
Custom sizes with endless or mechanical splices
Pressure sensitive tapes with silicone or acrylic adhesive
What Is PTFE ?   FYI
Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is a synthetic fluoropolymer of tetrafluoroethylene that finds numerous

Property Value
Density  2200 kg/m3
Melting point 327 °C
Thermal expansion
135 · 10−6 K−1 [11]
Thermal diffusivity 0.124 mm²/s [12]Young's modulus0.5 GPa
Yield strength
23 MPa
Bulk resistivity1018 Ω·cm [13]
Coefficient of friction0.05–0.10 Dielectric constant
Dielectric constant (60 Hz) ε=2.1,tan(δ)<2(-4)
Dielectric strength (1 MHz) 60 MV/m
The coefficient of friction of plastics is usually measured against polished steel.[14] PTFE's coefficient of
friction is 0.05 to 0.10,[10] which is the third-lowest of any known solid material (BAM being the first, with a
coefficient of friction of 0.02; diamond-like carbon being second-lowest at 0.05). PTFE's resistance to van
der Waals forces means that it is the only known surface to which a gecko cannot stick.[15]
PTFE has excellent dielectric properties. This is especially true at high radio frequencies, making it suitable
for use as an insulator in cables and connector assemblies and as a material for printed circuit boards used
at microwave frequencies. Combined with its high melting temperature, this makes it the material of choice
as a high-performance substitute for the weaker and lower melting point polyethylene that is commonly
used in low-cost applications.

Because of its chemical inertness, PTFE cannot be cross-linked like an elastomer. Therefore, it has no
"memory" and is subject to creep. This is advantageous when used as a seal, because the material creeps a
small amount to conform to the mating surface. However, to keep the seal from creeping too much, fillers are
used, which can also improve wear resistance and reduce friction. Sometimes, metal springs apply
continuous force to PTFE seals to give good contact, while permitting a beneficially low percentage of creep.
ISOQAR Certification
REACH SVHC Certification
IPD WEEE RoHS Compliance
ADD WEEE RoHS Compliance

Custom Slitting & Converting widths from 1/2" to
96" wide Non Adhesive
With Adhesive 1/2" to 41" wide.
Mil Thickness's from 3 mil - 5 mil - 6 mil - 10 mil &
14 mil
with or without backing Yellow backing =Silicone
Blue backing= Acrylic Adhesive.
( Without Backing is like a roll of Scotch Tape)
To request a
QUOTE on special widths or length
converting please email us at
Please include your
Company Name &
Purchasing Contact Person email.
PTFE custom slitting & converting
Repair kit for Impulse Sealers
PTFE Zone Teflon Tape
PTFE Teflon NO adhesive covers for bag sealers
Hand Sealer Repair
Service Kits PTFE
Covers & wires
PTFE -Stock & Custom Slit
widths from 1/2" to 41" wide
Rolls WITH Silicone or
Acrylic Adhesive Backing
STOCK & Custom Slit Rolls of
PTFE from 1/2" to 60" wide
NO  Adhesive Backing
Zoned Teflon Tape
Adhesive on
outside edges in STOCK
BULK Silicone Adhesive Rolls
from 4" wide to 40" wide
Custom Slitting
Also NON adhesive 3 mil to
14 mil thickness
Pre-Cut to length Lower
Adhesive PTFE or Upper
Covers for impulse sealers
by the bag (10 pcs)
Heat element wires for bag sealers
STOCK Bulk Packs of
Sealer Wire Heating
Elements 2mm 2.7 mm
5mm 8mm & more Flat &
Round 'Cut n Seal'
Nichrome heat wire element by the foot
Nichrome Heat Wire sold
by the foot plus EYELETS
Repair Kits for Foot
Sealers inludes PTFE
heat wires
1 ft Roll teflon tape for foot sealer
1 Foot rolls of PTFE 5 mil
covers no adhesive for
all types of Foot sealers
Plus silicone pads
Non stick craft PTFE Teflon sheet
Stock Craft Sheets Non
Stick PTFE Made in USA
custom cutting NOTHING
Heat Press PTFE Teflon sheets
Heat Press PTFE
Sheets Teflon TM
Weston Pro-2300 vacuum sealer
Rubber seals for Cabellas CG-15
bag impulse sealer H-190
SRC-Glass Fabric silicone coated fiberglass

Weston Pro-2300 Stainless
Steel Vacuum Sealer
15" seal width
Only $369.00 With
FREE Shipping
NEW ! The Pro-1000 Vacuum
Sealer by Weston Stainless
SALE  $265.00
11" seal -With roll cutter
Repair Kits for Weston
Pro-2100/2300 & Cabella's
CG-15 Vacuum Sealers
Impulse Sealers Wholesale
Pricing 4" wide to 59" wide
with or without sliding cutter
many models.
Custom Slitting PTFE 3 Day
lead time ships from USA

Silicone Foam pressing
pads for Impulse sealers
upper jaw and others
Weston Pro-2300 Cabella's
CG-15 Repair Kits - Sealer
Wires -  Rubber Seals - Teflon
PTFE Strips For Lid or
Drip Tray
vacuum bag rolls
Packing tape,carton sealing tape
teflon tape for foodsaver
Cutter blade for impulse sealer
Non Stick Cookie sheet/ oven liner
sealer maintenance kit for Pro-2300

Foodsaver & More
Bags & Rolls x 50 Feet
Vacuum  Sealer rolls FDA

than BIG box Office stores

2 Foodsaver TM Teflon TM PTFE
strips stronger mil to prevent
damage to wires.  Work with  all

Cuter Blades for Hand Impulse
sealer with sliding cutter 6 pack

Non-stick **Teflon Heavy
Duty Oven Mats /Cookie
Never scrub the bottom of
your oven again !
Foot operated impulse sealer
Shrink Wrap teflon
Composites release PTFE
Ziplok bags
Dehydrator teflon PTFE sheets
PTFE Belts for Band
/Bag Sealers

Teflons & Repair Kits
for Foot Sealers Zone
12' -18" 24"30"-35"
Shrink Wrap Teflon for
Sealing with L bar sealer
before heat tunnel

Hand Layup Mold
Process  Release PTFE Teflon

STOCK Convenient 100 pack
Dispenser Bag

Dehydrator Sheets  
14" x 14" Work with
Excalibur-Weston and most
machines trim to size also
use in Microwave ovens  
550 F
Food Process Continuous Belting for Tortilla Manufacturers
Custom Slitting & Converting widths from 1/2" to 36" wide
Mil Thickness's from 3 mil - 5 mil - 6 mil - 10 mil & 14 mil
with or without adhesive backing.
To request a
QUOTE on special widths or length converting please email us at admin@sealersupply.com NOTE
Please include yourCompany Name &Purchasing Contact Person email.
Industry  Material  Application
Aerospace  7025  Porous bleeder material used as a release cloth in vacuum molding
6085-03  Release tape used in vacuum molding
6085-05  Aircraft cable wrap
Apparel  7033  Release sheet on fusing woven and non-woven fabrics
8103, 8143, 8A1052, 8A1057  Conveyor belts used on fusing machines to bond woven and non-woven fabrics
6113-10, 6085-06  Sewing machine and cutting table covers for ease in fabric handling
Carpet  8A1048, 8278, 8274, 8279, 8A1069  Used as conveyor belts to convey uncured synthetic rubber PVC backing and woven fiber overlay through a curing chamber where
materials are bonded together.
Chemicals  7108, 7231R  Curtains to prevent chemical splashing, lining tanks containing acids and other chemicals, conveyor belts transporting powdered chemicals thru processing
and packaging, fabricated flexible ducts for handling corrosives.
Food  7039, 7059, 7109  Pre-cooked or frozen food application to convey products through conventional or microwave ovens, or as baking tray liners
8108, 8109, 8148
Packaging  6085-03, 6085-05, 6085-06, 6085-10  Tapes for thermal transfer and release of poly films on L-sealing bars, form and fill bagging machines

8303, 8231R, 8242  Conveyor belts through shrink wrap tunnels
8038, 8039, 8A952, 8054, 8064, 8104  Two-ply belts for sealing poly-bags with no increased thickness in splice area
Plasma Spray Tapes  6525-08, 6525-11, 6615-07, 6605-07D  Masking tape used in standard metal or ceramic plasma spraying processes and HVOF and grit blasting.  
Plastics  8279, 8356, 8231R  Belting transporting extruded parts thru cooling chambers
Textile  8195, 8308, 8303, 8305K, 8305KAS, 8305KG, 8A970  Belts for all automated dryer systems conveying screen printed items, heat setting synthetic yarns, and curing non-wovens
CANADA & Worldwide
Sealer Supply Company Vista CA
CA. Sales Office & Shipping Warehouse

All PTFE is manufactured by ISO 9001 Registered Quality Management system At the factory in USA.
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BUY FACTORY DIRECT NOTE : All our PTFE  products are produced without BPA.
We do NOT use PTFE manufactured with PFOA.
* BPA Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical used in the production of some plastics.It has been in commercial use since 1957.In
2012 The European Union and Canada have banned BPA use in baby bottles.
*Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA),It is a toxicant and carcinogen in animals.PFOA has been detected in industrial waste,
stain resistant carpets, carpet cleaning liquids, house dust, microwave popcorn bags, water, food, some cookware
** Teflon® is Dupont's Registered Trademark for PTFE.  Reference to the term "Teflon®"
on this website is for clarification purposes only and in no way indicates that any particular
product sold here uses the Teflon® brand of PTFE.
Specialist in all forms of Teflon®
PTFE Made in USA
All our PTFE meets
ISOQAR Certification
SALE 11" x 50 ft JUMBO rolls for
Vacuum Sealers  at $11.00 a roll case